Research Topics
Human and Economic Geography
Cultural Geography
Urban Geography
Physical geography
Environmental Geography
Regional Geography
Middle East Political Geography
Turkey Geography
Pakistan Geography
Religion and Society
Muslim-Non-Muslim Relations in Turkish States
State and Society in Turks
Foundations in the Middle East and Their Place in Social Structure
Administrative and Bureaucratic Structure of Turkish-Islamic States
Political Changes in the Middle East in the New and Modern Age
Middle East Economic History
Middle East and Mining
Middle East War History
Middle East War Industry
Navy in the Turks and the Middle East
Taxation and Finance in the Ottoman Empire
Architectural History of Turkey and Pakistan
Turkish and Urdu Education History
Turkish and Urdu Modernization History
Minorities in Turkish History
Science, Technology, and Intellectual History
History of Medicine
Turkish And Pakistani Cuisine
Islamic Explorers, Geographers, and Cartographers
Ottomans in World War I
History of the Republic of Turkey
History of the State of Pakistan
Diplomacy History
Security and Intelligence History
Education System in Turkey
Education System in Pakistan
Turkish-Islamic Thought
Islamic Philosophy in Pakistan
Turkish language
Urdu Language